Thursday, January 24, 2013


Round and round they go, flawless.  Rings.  An incessant and infinite cycle of girth in a limitless darkness and composed of scattered debris.  Rings.  From afar, they are beautiful, pristine and divine with culminating arcs.  Rings.  From near, they are a gelid, craggy, and desolate space. Rings.  Like all things that are reminiscent of a double edged blade, the desire to observe, study and marvel are inexplicable.  Rings.  The perfect annular forms are compelling like the song of sirens.  Rings.  Saturn at the center, huge and magnificent,  with its rings crowning this concentric sphere.  Rings.

I really want a ring!

Drabble- n.  a story told in exactly 100 words.

This Friday I will be participating in False Start Friday bloghop hosted by Subliminal Coffee.

The final list of January's False Start Friday writers is as follows:

1. Stephanie of stephstuff

2. Shaharizan of Bronx Tales & Inner Musings

3. Loree of Stories and Scribbles

4. Geo of Trainride of the Enigmas

5. Lily of Wishbone Soup Cures Everything

6. Susan of I Think; Therefore, I Yam

Come see us and join the fun! 


  1. Nice, but where would you put a ring that big?

  2. In aesthetic, poetic, and even cosmological sense, your description rings true. Well done!

  3. @Alex- I am not really sure where I put that ring. All I know is that I want it! :D

    @Geo- Thanks. I was hoping to use the cosmological and mathematical terms accurately in this description of rings.

  4. I hope you get your ring, Shaz.

    (Is that annoying? Giving you the nickname Shaz? If it is, I'll cut it out. :))

  5. @ Suze- Actually, no one has ever called me Shaz before. It does not annoy me in the least. I think it's cute! Thanks Suze!