Monday, January 21, 2013

Pay It Forward: A Day of Service

As I rush through the revolving doors of the department store, I think about the young woman who let me have her taxi. She just saved my job. One more lateness this month and I would have been fired.

The store is crowded for the Saturday sale. A customer walks by, appearing quite disheveled and lost. Her purse and its contents cascade to the floor. I notice that her wallet is hidden under a display.

"Excuse me, Miss. You dropped this," and I hand her the wallet.

She looks at me with gratitude and simply states, "Thank you so much!" 

This drabble was part of The Burrowers writing project, approximately two years ago, called "Pay It Forward."  To read more drabbles, click here.

Drabble- a story told in exactly 100 words.

I spent my day of service helping the elderly.  How did you spend yours?

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