Friday, January 25, 2013

False Start Friday: Moving

This is part of the False Start Friday from Subliminal Coffee.  I wrote a little drabble and then revised my old To Do List that never got finished.  

In approximately one month, my husband and I will venture on a new journey- homeownership.  Yes, we are purchasing our first home and I cannot be more excited.  However, packing is absolute hell.  You never realize how much crap you have until you have to move.  My living room looks like a storage facility with boxes stacked upon boxes.  There are always three piles, lying about, when sorting through all this stuff: purge, keep and donate.  The piles are lessening but the monumental task has not.  Thank goodness, we have approximately one month before closing.  Well, back to packing . . . *faints*

The old "To Do" list that never got finished:
To Do List

  1. Boxes
  2. Clean file cabinet
  3. Pack nonessentials
  4. Buy Packaging tape
  5. Pack books
  6. Bills- file, organize
  7. Prescription refills
  8. Begin packing linens in space bags
  9. Sell washing machine and portable air conditioner
  10. Find ASPCA for cat 
  11. Petzyme
  12. Paper towels, tissue, plates, and cups

The new "To Do" list:
  1. Boxes
  2. Clean file cabinet
  3. Pack nonessentials
  4. Buy Packaging tape
  5. Pack books
  6. Cry
  7. Bills- file, organize
  8. Prescription refills
  9. Begin packing linens in space bags
  10. Sell washing machine and portable air conditioner
  11. Find ASPCA for cat 
  12. Cry some more
  13. Organize boxes in a logical manner in  the living room
  14. Create three piles- purge, donate, and keep.
  15. Disseminate the items and take to their various locations: Keep= box, Donate= Plastic bags for Donation bin, Purge= Incinerator/ Trash bin.
  16. Passport (nothing to do with moving but mine has expired.  So sad.)
  17. Get the "Moving Kit" from Post Office and begin forwarding mail to new address, one week prior to closing.
  18. Get paint supplies.
  19. Reserve a moving truck.
  20. Cry again.
  21. To be continued and revised as needed.
That is all for now because I will probably cry again.  :)

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Happy Friday Everyone!!!!  :D


  1. I was surprised when I got to the first 'cry.' It put this little twinge in my heart for you! But what a wise woman to clear space on the schedule for grief.

  2. I love "cry!" Not because I'm happy you cried, but because that is so real and true, such a part of moving. I love having that activity among a list of totally practical matters: very poignant.

  3. Excellent topic! Moving is such a stressful thing. It sure helps to make lists and check things off. I found the lists cathartic, in themselves, even if I didn't strictly follow them.

  4. @Suze- Yes, I had to have room for a good cry. I have not moved in over 5 years so it seems like truly a monumental task. :)

    @Stephanie- I absolutely agree with you. It's funny but after I cry, there is such an emotional release that I can go ahead and plod on with the packing. :D

    @Geo- I am strictly a "To Do List" kind of girl. If it's not on the list, it isn't getting done. For me, it's more of a way to compensate for my short term memory issues. However, lists aren't for everyone. A person must find what best works for him/ her. :D

  5. No, don't cry!
    Well, moving is traumatizing, so go ahead.

  6. A good heartfelt snippet. I was shuddering along with you every step of the way. I don't blame you for shedding a few tears. Moving is NOT FUN. We moved into our current house in 1971, and as far as I'm concerned, the only move I'll be making from here is to the cemetery.

  7. I laughed, which might seem heartless, but it was the laughter of recognition. We moved last summer and There Are Still Boxes. Here, have a tissue. Happy New Home :-)

  8. @ Alex- Thanks, a girl needs a good cry when moving. Tomorrow, I'm packing more stuff! ;)

    @Susan- I hear you. I don't think I'll be moving again for another 20 years (that's when I get to retire from teaching). :)

    @ Lily- It's okay to laugh. It was meant to be funny. Lucky for you the move is over and you just have to finish unpacking those boxes from the summer. Thanks so much. I plan to enjoy my new home! :D

  9. I can so understand the cry parts in your lists. I am always shedding tears over things that may seem silly.

  10. @ Loree- thanks for empathizing. We are still packing today and now I am sorting through the file cabinet. I just want to crawl under a nice warm rock on a nice warm island. :D