Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Under a Brooklyn Moon

Under a Brooklyn Moon

All is blurred like the dreams of a child. The rain creates a mystical illusion of peace, happiness and harmony.
The ethereal structures in the backdrop are towers of wealth and abundance.
The graceful arches and cabled suspension, leave one in absolute awe.
This city of dreams is like a glass menagerie of infinite potential.
The lines between dreams and reality are obscured by enchanting lights and enticing romantic pleasures.
This exuberant place is like the little wisps of smoke with an ounce of hope. It impresses the notion that every romantic pleasure is here available under a Brooklyn moon.

Image courtesy of Castle Galleries: Jeff Rowland- artist, Under a Brooklyn Moon,


  1. I love this one, Chary--it sure does look like a place dreams are made.

  2. @ Tami- Yes it was truly an ethereal painting. I love Jeff Rowland's work.