Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Love

Sometimes, I really do not like you.  There are times when your obnoxious behavior is absolutely cannot be condoned.  The snide remarks, lack of anger management and use of profanity is unacceptable.  As a child, you were sweet, loving, optimistic and open-minded.  As an adult, for lack of better words, you really suck.  Not once did you come see me when I was sick in the hospital.  But you made sure to stop by on payday, didn't you! However, you are my blood and I love you unconditionally.  I will bail you out this time, if only just for love.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Two Old Friends

Image courtesy of Aleatha Ingleton.

We sure had a wonderful life together.
Those walks in the park.
The kids playing in the backyard.
The trips we took.
Holding hands.
The new adventures.
Plus, everything in between.

Here we are.

We're like old goats staring at a river.
We saw it a hundred times.
Always felt like the first time, though.
We sure had some good times.
There were bad times too.
The arguments.
The screaming.
Gambling and drinking.

Yet, here we are.

Still together.
Even though you moved on.
I miss you.
You just wait for me.
I'll be there soon.

But, here we are.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Never Again


Never did I believe that life would be so hollow without you. You were absent from the first family event of the year. It was an unrelenting agony. I cried in utter anguish over the injustice of it all but still you did not walk through that door and you did not kiss me hello. You did not eat and converse and you did not lend a helping hand. These are all the great qualities you brought to our table over the years. Yet you will never walk, kiss, eat, converse or lend a helping hand ever again.


Image taken from Wikimedia Commons .

This is in memory of my brother - Gilbert Orlando Gadsen II,  October 2, 1985 to February 2, 2007.

I love you, hermanito.

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