Monday, January 31, 2011

The Library

There is nothing like the smell of the library. I remember as a child, the excitement when returning a book. Everything looked and felt larger than life. My shoes would click clack against the marble floors. I would caress the spines of the books on the shelves. The best part of the library was the stacks. I could spend all day, in a little nook, reading a book.

It is so sad that as an adult, I never have time to visit the library. Now, I have to settle for electronic readers. I long for those days in the library.


Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Glass Heart

Giving yourself over to someone is always the hardest part.
Loving someone completely requires trust.
Always be truthful as there is nothing worst than a liar.
Saying "I love you" shouldn't take years if you truly love the individual.
Say it only if you absolutely mean it.

Hearts are fragile like glass so be careful when falling in love.
Everyone deserves to be loved, there's somebody for everybody.
Anyone can find love but most often it will find you first.
Rarely is there a perfect love, it takes work, commitment and compromise.
Try not to break a fragile, glass heart.

Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Boardwalk

The beach always brings back bittersweet memories for me. I remember my brother, two children, three cousins and I heading out to Coney Island for a day in the sand and surf. We walked along the boardwalk, swam in the ocean and watched animal show in the Aquarium. It was a glorious day with family.

Now with my brother gone, I have not returned to Coney Island. I'd much rather drive several hundred miles to Atlantic City and walk it's casino-lined boardwalk. The throngs of people drown out the sorrow and desolation that accompanies loss. Maybe one day, I'll go back.

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons.

Monday, January 24, 2011

On The Wall

Naomi and Michael. Forever together. That's what you told me.

Our initials immortalized forever on a wall. However, you're now a leaf on the wind swept away to oblivion. And although you're gone, I still feel you near me. A sweet caress while I sleep or a shadow at the corner of my eye.

Naomi and Michael. Forever together. That's what you told me.

Our years together seem like a grain of sand in this vast ever-expanding universe. It was a tumultuous and blissfully exuberant time together. But like everything that we most treasure, it came to an abrupt end.

Image by Aleatha Ingleton .

Friday, January 21, 2011

Children on the Beach

"Mommy, I got a bunch of sand in my butt."

"Go in the water, honey and wash out the sand."

"Mom, he keeps bothering me. He says I have a mustache and need to shave it."

"Ignore him sweetheart, he'll get tired of bothering you and leave you alone."

"Ma, there's sand in my sandwich."

"Throw it away and get another one sweetie."

"Mum, she's in my space. I told her about my personal space."

"If you all don't leave me alone to read this book, we are going straight home."

Don't you just love family day at the beach.

Image taken from Wikimedian Commons, Pierre- Auguste Renoir, Children on the Beach.

Thursday, January 20, 2011


"Where are you going?"

"Out with the other nobles. Thadius is having a gathering."

"A gathering? Or more like a chance for a night of drink and debauchery?"

"Sweetheart, I won't be gone too long. I'll take you in the chariot for a spin when I return."

"No you will not treat me like some common trollop off the street. I won't be bribed."

"How about we go for the stroll first and then I meet the gentlemen for a quick drink?"

"Alright. But be home well before the cock's crow."

"Fine. Come here Love and give me a kiss."

Image taken from Wikimedia Commons, Kiss, Briseis.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Burrow's Valentine Cafe

Every morning I cheat on my husband. I have tried to resist the temptation. I only end up with a pounding migraine headache.

I suffer from the absolute need for the delectable, awe-inspiring and indefinable quality of perfection you possess. No matter where I go, you are there. Every bodega, deli, diner and shop is stocked up with your warm, fragrant goodness.

I cannot be without you. Even while pregnant, I ran back to you. My husband cannot comprehend the magnitude of my desire for you.

I am forever enslaved to this legally addictive stimulant. I want you even now.

Image taken from Steven Evans, Wikimedia Commons.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

First Kisses

My first kiss wasn't all that memorable. It was the consequence, I'll remember. A boy in my class wrote a note about kissing me after school. I remember happily skipping home. I could feel my heart beating underneath my blouse and a sudden surge of giddiness. I was thinking, "Does he really like me? Is he my boyfriend now that he kissed me? Does it matter that he's not Puerto Rican? Will he ask for another kiss?" While all of this ran through my mind, I hadn't realized that I was only seven years old and shouldn't be kissing boys.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Auguste Rodin, "The Kiss"