Thursday, April 7, 2011

Decadent, Delectable Dessert

D is a good letter.  Gotta love the Tossing It Out A-Z Challenge. Yesterday I went to Rocco's Italian Bakery on Bleeker Street and Carmine.  This is only a six block walk from my job and I have to say well worth it.  I bought my friend/ co-worker a birthday cake since she kept saying "It's my birthday!"  Her cake was a chocolate mousse filling and buttercream frosting.  Ooh, I was so bad and had a piece but I couldn't help it.  Look . . .

Then, I had the nerve to buy a half pound of Italian cookies.  Oh the travesty . . .

After this, I spotted the red velvet cupcakes.  Between the smell of sugar sweet cookies and the waft of coffee in the air, I could not decide what to do.  My senses were bombarded with devilish temptation.  I bought the lot of them and lugged my goodies back to work.  However, I gave my children the Italian cookies so check plus for me!  I gave my youngest and my husband the red velvet cupcakes.  Has my husband eaten his cupcake?  No.  It is sitting in my fridge calling me to come hither and taste its delectable, decadent goodness.  What to do?  What to do?


Red Velvet Cupcake Image

Chocolate Mousse Cake

Italian Cookies

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chaos, Crazy and Cockamamie

Well, of course, I did it again.  Forgot to post for Tossing It Out's A-Z Challenge.  So, I will just talk "craziness" for the next 100 or so words and call this post done.  Here we go-

My students have a habit of saying, "Real Talk, Miss."  I have no idea what real talk entails.  Therefore, I told them that tomorrow I expected Fake Talk.  *rolls eyes*

I am trying to buy a home.  I have called the housing counselor, the lawyer, the auctioneers auctioning the property, and the municipal credit union.  Of course no able body could come to the phone, so I got the automoton or voicemail.  No one has called back as of yet!  Bumbling boobs.  Oh wait, that was the topic of the day before.  *lights candle*

My children won't stop bickering.  There are times I just want to take their heads and bang them together like they do in Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Do I do this, NO!  I patiently listen to each cockamamie story and then mediate a solution that either of them could have devised themselves.  They fight worse than the two polar bears above.  *dies*

Quality Review this week is driving every single teacher in my school crazy.  Bulletin boards are being revamped.  Student work is nothing but a frenzy of grading and my desk looks like the Greek God Chaos stopped by for a visit.  *faints*

And just because:

All images from Wikimedia Commons.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bumbling, Babbling Boob

Yes, I am calling myself a boob because . . . . . . I totally did not post on A day for the A-Z Challenge. So today's post is all about bumbling and babbling. I am in the process of getting my husband back in school and making sure he stays until he gets his degree.

I am still house hunting but now I even include condos. I hadn't considered them since I was really looking for the "American Dream" home. I am also boggled down at work. Hhmm, boggled, should have put that in the title too. I cancelled my trip to for spring break since I will need a hefty down payment plus pay for closing costs should I get the property. :(

I digress, work is like a freaking zoo frenzy. Oh, wait, I can save the frenzy for F day. :D The state will be in to review our progress and we will also be graded by the city's school superintendent's office (Quality Review). More on that by Wednesday.

My children are doing well but my eldest is feeling the crunch of his 11th year (3rd year of high school). With exams quickly approaching, he is now required to go to school on Saturdays for test prep. My two daughters are plodding along and receiving good grades. I hope all stays along that path or else I will no longer be able to post (I will have died from insanity).

Well that is all I have time for today. Must finish my blog post for the Burrow and continue house-hunting.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A is for Absent

This is just an absentee post since yet again I missed the beginning of the Tossing It Out A-Z challenge!