Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Trio at the Luncheon Boating Party- Part 2

Adrien: Gentleman in the Cardigan Sweater (Far Mid- Right)

Angele is so undeniably beautiful. Does she even notice me? Let me move a little closer. Her skin glistens like alabaster marble. I can see her lovely mounds just waiting to be caressed. No. I must control myself. Why must she stare at Gustave? It is incomprehensible. He is not paying any attention to her flirtatiousness, yet there she is fawning over him. I could write serenades and immortalize her very name. Do you think she cares. Perhaps, I must divert her attention. Then, she cannot help but to reciprocate my feelings.

"Would you care to stroll along the riverbank?"

Note: This was a wonderful project we did using a Renoir painting and telling the stories of various individuals in Luncheon of the Boating Party. My trio are the woman with the baseball cap (over to the right), the gentleman leaning over her and the gentleman wearing the yellow boating hat with ribbon. To see more, click here.


  1. One curious fact of Victorian-era fiction is that no one ever WORKS for a living. The realist boon of the 1950s was in part perpetuated by frustration at opiated fops lounging around estates pondering on love and beauty.

    (Anyhoo. Love the drabble. And painting. And the coffee. More coffee, Perez!)

  2. *pours more Columbian coffee*

    Thanks for the Facts on Victorian-era life-style.

  3. I love this idea, of taking a painting and writing from the different points of view of the people within it. Fabulous writing prompt, I just may borrow the idea for my crit group next week!

  4. I was lost after I read 'lovely mounds'. My mind went elsewhere.

  5. @ Terresa,

    Oh do use it for your group and let me know how it works out. Thanks for reading.

    @ Powdered Toast Man,

    Hahaha! I know it's a little distracting when we throw someone's genitals in there (digression alert: that doesn't sound right? does it? makes me think of the office "that's what she said!") but I am happy you got that far!