Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Panel Entries for Elise and Michelle's Blogging Anniversary

This is my entry for the blogging anniversary giveaway hosted by Elise and Michelle.  This is my fun and silly story.  Enjoy!

Emily: "Wait, don't leave me!  You promised!"

Madeline: "I did not!  Run faster, the wind is picking up."

Emily: "If I go any faster, I'll twist my ankle.  Okay, here I goooooooooooooooooo!"
(Emily makes it by a millisecond and actually twists her ankle on the rope.)

"Darn it!  Hold the rope still, it's slapping me in the cheek.   Seriously!  This day can't get any worse."

Madeline: "I don't know why I travel with you.  You're a train wreck waiting to happen!"

Emily: "Are you going to stand there complaining or do me the honour of helping me in the balloon basket."

Madeline: "Oh yeah, I guess I should do that."

CV: Captain Vomit here to save the day!

Emily: "Really, now you get here.  After Madeline has hauled me into the basket.  Everybody!  Let's pop the champagne because Captain Vomit is here! "  {sarcastically}

Madeline: "We don't need any help go away!  Buzz off!  You're going to screw up the balloon."

CV: "Oh no!  I'm caught in a balloon tango!  Blast these hurricane force winds!  Argh!  Argh!  Oh crap!"

Madeline: Geronimo!!!!!!!!

Emily: I hate getting wet!  My ankle hurts!  I hate getting wet!  Dammit, this blows!

Madeline:  "OMG!  We made it.  Oh sacred hallow ground.  Muah!  I love you!"

Emily: "You have some green slime and grey mud in your hair.  Kissing the ground isn't sanitary either."

Madeline: "I don't care!  I'm alive!"

CV:  *something unintelligible*

Emily:  "Dude, you need a doctor."

CV: *mumbles*

Emily:  "Madeline, we should get him some help or something."

Madeline:  "Where's the car?"

Emily:  "This way, let's go. He'll be alright."

Random Dragon: That's all folks!



  1. Hi there and thanks for participating in our bloghop! This was so funny and I love the sarcasm. Plus you did a great job getting in all the bonus words! Thanks again for participating, this was great fun. (:

    1. Thanks, Elise. That's what I was going for. :)

  2. Is Captain Vomit doing the balloon dance? LOL.
    Random Dragon is too cute!
    Thanks for participating in the bloghop. I've been laughing non-stop the whole day!

    1. Yes, Captain Vomit is doing the balloon tango. :D

  3. I don't think anyone else came up with Vomit for his name, but it fits.

    1. Yeah, he was pretty useless as superheroes go.

  4. Gosh, they left CV in the dust to fend off for himself, injuries and all. LOL!

    1. Yeah, that was pretty mean of them but CV didn't really help their situation. So I guess all is fair. :)

  5. Nothing like the ill-fated traveling partner and a defunct hero that comes too late. :)