Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Good Day for Writing

This will be a short entry since I must work on my "Work in Progress" or WIP. I began writing a mystery yesterday. It was completely out of the blue but these characters wouldn't leave me alone. They had been swimming in my head since Sunday night and want to hear something crazy-- they would not stop badgering. I did not feel any relief until I wrote down their tales. It was the most satisfying feeling. Their thoughts and actions just flowed from my fingers and onto the screen.

Now I usually write short stories of urban life in New York City, science fiction or fantasy. This is my first attempt at something completely unfamiliar and it scares me. I am not really familiar with the mystery novel format/ formula. I didn't even know what a red herring was until I read it on Elizabeth Spann Craig's blog, Mystery Writing is Murder. ( I would provide a link but if you read my last blog, you would know that I am technologically challenged).

Well back to writing. . . my characters await.


  1. Good luck with your writing! I'm excited that you're working on a mystery.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  2. Oh Chary, I'm so excited that you are really diving in! No worries about not knowing what you're doing--nobody does at first (and if they do, I bet the outcome sounds canned)--so just write away!!!

  3. @ Elizabeth- me too. It's new territory for me and I am a little shaky on format but I am really liking it so far. It's fun to know who did it when all of your characters are in the dark. Well, except the murderer of course.

    @ Tart- Thanks for the encouragement. I have run into some snags but am still plugging away.