Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Confuzzled . . .

Forgive the randomness but I have little coherent thought left. I am progressing, although rather slowly, on my WIP. I thought I would be further along but thus far, there are twists and turns that not even Odysseus would have anticipated. I have written approximately 3,000 words so far, only the first chapter and prologue. Interestingly, while writing, I didn't think the kids would behave but I have not heard any dishes breaking or the screeching yelps of my youngest.

Writing this mystery has taught me one very important lesson: One cannot rush the story and the author must do his/her research. I had joined the whole NaNoWriMo thing to push my story along and finally get at least one novel done. However, in three days, I have only increased my WIP by 1,500 words. At this rate, I will never make the quota!

All joking aside though, I cannot focus on the quantity. I tried, I really did. Every time I begin to write, I always go back to the beginning, proofread, edit or revamp an entire section. I can't help it. I suppose that is the teacher and perfectionist in me but I am more concerned with quality? Is that so wrong?

Confuzzled- being both confused and puzzled (yup, it's made up but not by me).


  1. You know what I think? NaNo is not so much about 50,000 words in 30 days. I think it is more about somehow making time to do something we love, but keep putting off.
    I did not register for it because I was sure I would not be able to do it justice this month. But I have been forcing myself to write as much as I can, and it has been liberating.
    Guess it is not too different for you. At least you are putting this as top priority.

  2. I think whatever works for you is the method you should go matter what everyone else is doing.

    I used to revise a lot as I went, but can't anymore or I wouldn't make deadlines. If I know I've got a problem area, I type in *** and then do a search later for *** in Word after I'm done with the first draft. Makes it a little easier not to work on the issues as I go.

    Mystery Writing is Murder

  3. @ Rayna- You're right. I kept putting off my writing and placing priority on my family and job. Now, I think I have reached a happy medium with all three. I don't bring work home anymore and I do my writing after the kids are in bed.

    @ Elizabeth- Thanks. That is an excellent idea. I think I'll just highlight the entire section, that needs editing, in a different color. I don't know how to search for a particular character in word. :D

  4. Chary--Natasha is exactly right... making the time to write. Another trick I've been doing this round, that I never tried when I didn't have a wordcount to make, is [come back to this type of point]. I have a 'training' I mean to describe, but feel like I will be able to do better once the character has proven her skills; I have an argument someone is making that convinces someone to do something... those will be important, but I don't know they can be rushed like the rest of it, so I just noted where to put it and went to the next scene.

    With CONFLUENCE I actually wrote middle and late scenes before I got far because it gave me the direction I needed.

    You need to let go of that paper grader though... she will be extrememly useful later, but she is standing in your way right now. I'd send her off with a glass of wine, but that is me.

  5. Tart, you are so right. It's the paper grader holding me back. I don't have a glass of wine but will try some Nuvo that I bought this week.

    Thanks so much.