Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award Goes To . . .

I was so graciously awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by Rayna M. Iyer and Jan Morrison.  Please check out their blogs.  They are fabulous writers and so much fun to hang out with.

As tradition dictates, I am supposed to reveal seven things about me.  So, here we go:

  1. I am one of 17 grandchildren (big family), not to mention that these grandchildren have a total of 22 great grandchildren.
  2. I have three beautiful children- Justin (16- Dear God, help me), Ayanna (14- ditto), and Zionne (7- my princess).
  3. I manage the inclusion program (special education students in a general education environment) at a NYC high school.
  4. I love to swim but rarely get an opportunity to go except during the summer.  :(
  5. We are going to Disney later this summer (excited!).
  6. I love art (Impressionism, Surrealism, and all its many forms).
  7. I am Puerto Rican but have only had the opportunity to visit the island twice (once in the late 80's as a teen and in 2002 on my honeymoon with my wonderfully romantic and caring husband).
Next is to award this to several new recipients:

Hart Johnson- for her Nakedness and World Domination
Cruella Collett- for her Digressionisms
Tara Smith- for her procrastination, plus dithering and dathering.
365 Days of People- for being so observant and poignantly funny with sarcasm.
Becky's Book Reviews- for covering such a wide variety of books.
The WM Freelance Writers Connection- for having such wonderful ideas and being so supportive of Writing Mommies.
And because everyone else who I was to award this to has already received it, I will end there.

Thank you Rayna and Jan!


  1. Congrats on the award! I didn't realize you helped out spec ed high school kids - awesome! I worry so much about my spec ed kids when they move on to high school.

  2. Thank you so much, Chary!

    Holy smokes! 16 cousins! Or I guess a number of those are siblings... still--that is far bigger than my family. I have 6 cousins on the big side and only one on the other.

  3. Thanks Chary! *superglomps*

    I really need to do an awards blog post myself. I'm no award queen or anything, but I've had three (I think) in the last six months and I should really pass them on....


  4. That IS a big family. I come from a very small family and those numbers just amaze me :)

  5. Jemi, thank you.

    There are many programs for students with special needs. We have inclusion, we have work/ transition centers, we have services like speech/ counseling/ physical therapy and there are also links to outside agencies like VESID (services for life) and YAI (Youth group).

    Yes, it is a BIG family. Coordinating events is a nightmare.

  6. Hart,
    Yup really BIG family. It started with my grandmother who had six kids and they took "be fruitful and multiply" literally. :D

  7. Tundiel,

    Your welcome.

    You really should hand out those awards.

    *raises eyebrows and threatens with Tami's dungeon*

  8. Lynda,


    Yes, I can see how astounding it can be. Let me tell you, coordinating family affairs is an absolute nightmare. :D

  9. Congrats, Great group of bloggers you mentioned. I will check out the ones I don't know.


  10. Thanks Clarissa. The bloggers will appreciate your visit greatly!