Monday, July 12, 2010


Yesterday, I went house-hunting for the first time.  Wow!  What an experience!  I saw twenty houses in under three hours.  I must say that it still felt like a world-wind.  I really should have brought a snack or something to drink because I was famished by the end of this process.  Thank goodness, they were in close proximity to one another or I may have abandoned the whole idea.  

Some of the individuals we encountered, seemed as though they were written into some comedic, fictional novel.  One man had all of the archetypal sleazy salesman characteristics.  I swear that when I saw him, he reminded me of a king cobra.  I kid you not.  Another person was a woman with a big flowery dress, matronly, kind and very polite. She reminded me of the sweet old grand And yet another example, this time a couple, were the "opposites attract" incarnate.

I realized that all of the people I met could have been a basis for several characters in my WIP's.  It was like a light bulb went off and Eureka!  I hit gold.  I promptly went to my computer and looked for character descriptions so that I could insert several adjectives.  This helped to define my characters and give them more of an appeal to readers since the readers will be able to make a connection. 

Needless to say, out of the twenty homes we viewed, we liked two and three were "maybe's."  Not very promising.  I've made a new list and plan to do it all over again this weekend.  But on the positive side, I will probably gain more material for the WIP's through all of the people I will encounter.

*crosses fingers*


  1. Yay for story fodder! And the weirder they are, the better! ;-)

  2. Yes, I did not expect to find individuals who could possibly be characters in my WIP. The sly, sneaky salesman is a keeper. :D

  3. I love those moments when you see someone and know they're the perfect casing for one of your characters. So much fun :)

    Good luck with the house hunting!

  4. Excellent to find story fodder! And I LOVE house shopping... not sure why I love houses so much, but I do... you and the hubster need to make your list of 'must have' and 'can't tolerate' then get a feel for how often you see those. Good luck finding something just right!

  5. Ugh, house hunting. I know what that's like. My fiance and I never found any one house that we could agree on and still afford, even after almost 4 months of searching. Good luck with the hunt, and at least it's a good opportunity for some people-watching. ;)