Saturday, July 10, 2010


Not able to drive.
Not able to drink.
I am so deprived
I must see a shrink.

M for mature
I cannot procure
For I am immature
and its all just manure.

I find myself tired
Because I cannot get hired
At places of leisure
I am liable to have seizures.

This bane is not mine
For I am not inclined
To succumb or subjugate
To adults that are irrate.

I have already foreseen
A time when I glean
The power unseen
Beyond the age of a teen.

This is not at all fair
Nor do I care
This belief I foreswear
As I stand and I glare.

My parents are lame
The world is insane
I need to refrain
From the feeling to blame.

drabble- n. story written in exactly 100 words.

nonage- adj.  The period during which one is legally underage.

*This one is somewhat Dr. Seuss-ish.*


  1. Thanks so much for stopping at my blog and for becoming a follower! :)

    I have been silently reading your blog for a few months, ever since Tami/Hart recommended it. I love your writing style, it's honestly urban, without being stereotypical.

  2. Thanks Amy. I try to write from the heart, what you see is what you get.

    I just started following you yesterday when I saw the link on Tami's profile page. Your engagement was beautifully written and the pictures make the story more real for the readers.