Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just another lazy sunday . . .

I really didn't have a blog for today as I have been super busy with family.  So, instead I have a few cute pics for you.  Here we go . . .

This is my lovely daughter Ayanna during her 8th grade awards ceremony last month.  They grow up so quickly, don't they.

This is Zionne's birthday cake.  She is my youngest at seven years old.  The woman who made this cake is actually the geometry teacher with whom I co-teach, Nicki Gonias.  She is really talented.

This is Zionne looking quite sad when we were up in Ithaca, NY.  She wanted to swim in the watering hole beneath the waterfall. 

This is where she wanted to swim.  Aren't I just horrible for not letting her and thinking of her safety?  :D

Here is a close-up.  I really loved this waterfall!

Here is Zionne touching a mushroom.  Since we live in NYC, we rarely ever get to see this.  I know, it's just a mushroom but it was exciting to us at the time.

Here is my handsome son being silly and goofy.  Who knows what goes through the mind of a teenager?

Well, that's all for now.  Have a wonderful and lazy Sunday!


  1. Your kids are beautiful :) Happy Sunday!

  2. You have beautiful kids...enjoy them!
    My kids are 7 1/2 yrs is never dull ;-D


  3. Happy family pics are the best...What beautiful children you have!

    Southern City Mysteries

  4. RosieC.- Thanks. They are a blessing. :D

    Ellie- I know. My youngest is seven years younger that my middle child. They do keep our days interesting. :D

    Michele- Thanks. I especially love their little quirks. :D

  5. You are going to be in so much trouble when they all get to dating age - they are all GORGEOUS! The phone will never stop ringing. Good luck :)

  6. how time flies- your kids have really grown (but then, when we first met, I had only one kid- that's how long ago it is).

    You need to get yourself a shot-gun- will need it to keep the long queue of suitors at bay.

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  8. That's a seriously awesome birthday cake!! I'm impressed.

  9. Loved those pictures, Chary. Your kids are gorgeous :) (No wonders, though, with such a lovely mama)

  10. Fabulous pictures, Chary! I love them! Congrats to your daughter for the 8th grade graduation--I guess I'd forgotten she was only a year behind Natalie.

    And that cake is AMAZING! Every little girl's dream cake!

  11. Jemi- don't I know it. I am wondering when the boys and girls will be knocking the door down. Any minute probably!

    Rayna- That's right. You only had Rayan when we first met. Time does go by quickly. Oh and my husband has the weapons ready and primed.

    Lynda- This cake was awesome indeed. It was fluffy and the filling was strawberries and cream. Even the glitter was edible. Yum!

    Cruella- Thanks. You make me blush.

    Hart- Yup, Ayanna is only a year behind Natalie and I believe Justin is a year ahead of her (He's going to 11th grade). Oh my god! He will be leaving me soon for college. *dies*