Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just Love

Sometimes, I really do not like you.  There are times when your obnoxious behavior is absolutely cannot be condoned.  The snide remarks, lack of anger management and use of profanity is unacceptable.  As a child, you were sweet, loving, optimistic and open-minded.  As an adult, for lack of better words, you really suck.  Not once did you come see me when I was sick in the hospital.  But you made sure to stop by on payday, didn't you! However, you are my blood and I love you unconditionally.  I will bail you out this time, if only just for love.

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  1. How very sad, true and almost bitter.

  2. Yeah, most times you love your kids but damn it if sometimes I don't like them and their attitudes.

  3. Brilliant drabble. The line "as an adult, for lack of better words, you really suck" really cuts to the core of the lack of respect. I hope so much for this to change - quickly!

  4. Sue,

    I hope it changes too because I am about to go into tough love stage and start cutting them off until they act right. :)

  5. Very sad but true.

    I had originally stopped in to just welcome you to the A-Z Blogging Challenge but I love your blog! This is so cute! I'm one of the co-hosts! Should you need anything just let us know!

  6. Thanks Jen,

    I really look forward to participating! I've never done an A-Z.