Friday, March 18, 2011

Write for Japan!

I was listening to the news yesterday, something I try to do every so often.  We New Yorkers tend to be absorbed in our own affairs and not really cognizant of the global village.  *winks*  I heard of the failing nuclear reactors, the never-ending search for loved ones, the constant aftershocks and the ever-mounting debris.  It broke my heart.  I couldn't imagine being in that situation- perhaps displaced, desolate and despondent?  My heart goes out to those suffering in Japan and I know that they have not requested aid but I donated to the Red Cross anyway . . . just in case.

Drabble- story told in 100 words.

Here are some links for Write for Japan!


  1. Excellent idea, hope you get some support.


  2. all good. not requesting aid doesn't mean it isn't needed and also when one disaster laps another (like Japan lapping Christchurch lapping Libya) then the Red Cross is the best game in town.