Friday, October 22, 2010

The Trio at the Luncheon Boating Party- Part 3

Gustave: Gentleman in the Yellow Boating Hat (Bottom Right)

The water is glistening like silver beads of sunlight dancing at the height of each crest. I love the way the waves quietly lap against the wooden hull of the boat. It creates a sound so unerringly calm. One only needs to listen attentively to Mother Earth and she will soothe the soul. There is nothing more satisfying than a boating excursion. The salty, sea air cleanses the soul like nothing else can. This landscape of sea, land and air are awe-inspiring. I believe I have found my muse.

"I believe I will take a stroll alone along the riverbank."

Note: This was a wonderful project we did using a Renoir painting and telling the stories of various individuals in Luncheon of the Boating Party. My trio are the woman with the baseball cap (over to the right), the gentleman leaning over her and the gentleman wearing the yellow boating hat with ribbon. To see more, click here.


  1. What a great idea and I love that Renoir. :o) So many stories just in this one painting! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Thanks Jackee. Even the dog has a tale to tell. :D

  3. Such a creative idea Chary and you story tell it well!

  4. @Chris,

    Thank you but I cannot take credit for this idea. I helped pick the painting and wrote three drabbles but the credit must go to my fellow Burrowers.

    Thank you!