Saturday, October 30, 2010

Random Saturday: Kids n' Things

Today, I helped my youngest daughter with her homework and realized that although she is a great decoder (able to read words), she has great difficulty with reading comprehension.  I bought her a second grade reading comprehension skills book.  She seems to get half of the questions correct.  I went over the problems she got wrong and she has a better understanding of what the question is actually asking.

I also got on my son's butt about a math project he should have completed yesterday in school.  Let me start from the beginning.  I went to parent-teachers afternoon conferences yesterday.  Fortunately for me, my son attends the very high school in which I teach.  Unfortuantely for him, he did not get rave reviews.  He is very intelligent, very creative but a bit of a slacker.  He waits until the very last minute to do projects and homework assignments.  So when I met with his teachers, it was the same comment over and over, "Your son has such great potential.  However, he fails to submit work."  Do you want to know the crazy thing?  He actually does the work but doesn't hand it in to his teachers.  So now I am micromanaging, which I hate to do but it's necessary for now.  No electronic devices for him until next report card in December.

My middle daughter is also in trouble.  She has become the social butterfly.  Last year she was in ARISTA honors society.  This year, she is getting barely above an 82 average.  Like really!  No electronics for her either.  I helped her to organize not only her room but her bookbag also.  We set up folders for each subject for handouts and whatnot plus put her notes in chronological order for studying.  What happens?  She couldn't find the folder with her work.  Her teacher is looking at me and I am looking at my daughter.  So now on Sundays, I do bookbag checks for my kids at home just like I do on Fridays for my students in study hall.

But not all is bad.  I go on a retreat with my school on Monday and Tuesday to determine how to move the school forward and decide on what are our "next steps."  Hubby is great and our relationship after ten years together and eight years married is wonderful.  Yes, there are ups and downs but for the most part, we are well.

I've been thinking of going back to school.  I need thirty credits above my master's to receive top pay as a teacher.  Not sure if I should major in Neuroscience: Developmental Disabilities or go for Educational Administration licensing to become an Assistant Principal.  Decisions, decisions. . .


  1. Funny how we teacher's handle our own kids responsibility/ academic issues. Great post. You should get your Master's. I need to do the same.

  2. Cheeseboy,

    I had no idea that you are a teacher. What grade level?

    I have my Master's in Education but wanted to get the Administrative certificate or perhaps go into Developmental Disabilities. I want to know how the minds of my students, with disabilities, work. Big task but I think it's one that I will find very satisfying.

  3. Chary, the way you write sounds like you've already made the decision. "I want to know how the minds of my students ... work". Would you really be fulfilled with Admin when this is how you feel?

    When we get the teaching wrong in the Primary years, it can (and often does) affect the person for life. I did 2 units in Special Education years ago, and use the skills daily in unexpected ways with my adult clients. There's so much happening in this area at the moment with research into the brain, it almost takes your breath away. And even if you choose differently, have a look at John Medina's work. He's got some good reminders for teaching and parenting and discusses the research behind the suggestions.

  4. When you say you wan to know how their minds work it tells me you want to help them use their minds in the best possible way.
    Be able to recognize academic boredom often presents itself as a lazy or uncaring student.

  5. Chary, I shouldn't say it, but I am so happy to hear you write about the trouble you are having with your own kids. Mine drive me up the wall, and it especially galls me when parents less involved have kids that do so much better than mine. Now, I feel I lot better because if you are having those troubles, I shouldn't mind too much.

    And I hope you are able to figure out what you would like to do. Administration is not all it is cranked out to be, and I would think you would be happier dealing with kids. But that's my two cents.

  6. You should major in apple picking, I hear that degree bumps up your salary by $12.