Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Trio at the Luncheon Boating Party- Part 1

Angele: Lady Wearing Baseball Cap (Far Mid-Right)

Honestly, does Adrien not see that I am trying to attract the attention of the most handsome and talented man on Earth. Gustave Caillebotte. He is just divine in ways that Adrien can never compare. For one, his breath does not smell like three day old garlic bread. Look at Gustave's angelic face gazing out into the distance. If only Adrien would not hover. Let him be utterly pathetic somewhere else. I wonder if Gustave will ever choose to paint me? I would love to see how I look through his eyes.

"Would you care to stroll along the riverbank?"

Note: This was a wonderful project we did using a Renoir painting and telling the stories of various individuals in Luncheon of the Boating Party. My trio are the woman with the baseball cap (over to the right), the gentleman leaning over her and the gentleman wearing the yellow boating hat with ribbon. To see more, click here.


  1. Hello, and such a nice idea to imagine stories about classic paintings. I think the lady in the hat with the red flowers is hoping that the man standing next to her, leaning on the railing, will stop wafting his armpit so close to her tea.

  2. Hahaha! That is hilarious Jayne. I never thought of that but yes, I would be upset too.