Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Random Thoughts of the Day

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Today, my featured post is a link and some loosely structured thought processes.  You are probably wondering why?  Well, I've been feeling kind of glum lately.  Between work, family and illness, I have not had time to really enjoy myself this summer.  My summer mood is most evident in this post- Random Wednesday: Swimming.

Sometimes people can be a little bit clueless.  They may invade your personal space, or scream at you when you are trying to help them or never say "Please. Thank you. Excuse Me," or realize that they are not the only person on this Earth.  We have to be conscious of our fellow man or woman or child.

I seem to be including the word "or" a lot.

I like the monster drawing/ character Alot.  He's awesome.

My favorite quote is " You must be the change you wish to see in the world."  - Mohandas Karamchand Ghandi.

My husband bought me a mini-fridge for my office.  Yay!  He rocks my socks.  *does a happy dance*  No more putting my lunch in the yucky staff lounge with the ever present black mold.  Bleh!

I did not really have a reason for posting the pretty image above except that I thought it was beautiful and interesting.  It doesn't really have anything to do with randomness.

Uhm . . . I think that is enough randomness today.  Most people will think I'm loopy after this but that is okay.

What is your random thought of the day?  Leave a comment or a link to your blog post.  I really want to know.  :D


  1. I love randomness! How about this: "If it is called a self cleaning oven, why do I have to turn it on?"
    Trying To Get Over The Rainbow

  2. I loved the read, the sort one can relax to.
    Thanks for sharing.


  3. I love your quote from Ghandi. I try to remind myself of that frequently.

    You husband is awesome. I will join you in your happy dance, especially if it keeps you away from the black mold. That's some pretty nasty stuff (and I don't just mean gross).

    I'm drawing a blank on actual randomness, but I'm drawing a blank on most everything right now. If I come up with something, I'll let you know.

    East for Green Eyes

  4. "He rocks my socks" should be a saying. Is it a saying that people say? It should be.

  5. Jules,

    That is a very good question. I don't think there is truly a self-cleaning oven. :D

  6. Yvonne,

    It is exactly a most relaxing blog entry. I really couldn't get my mind to settle down but once I wrote this, I was able to clear the clutter. :D

  7. Rosie C.,

    Yes, the staff lounge fridge is absolutely disgusting. The one staff member who actually cleaned it every week, is on strike (she got tired of the messiness) and no one else has volunteered to take her place.

  8. Cheeseboy,

    I think it is a saying but I have no idea where I got it from. :D

  9. Chary, I hope your funk comes to a head soon--I know it is hard to be happy when you are physically hurting and I wish that could be handled sooner, but hang in there!

    And BOOO on the haters, and YAY on your hubby...