Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Library

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

There is nothing like the smell of the library.  I remember as a child, the excitement when returning a book.  Everything looked and felt larger than life.  My shoes would click clack against the marble floors.  I would caress the spines of the books on the shelves.  The best part of the library was the stacks.  I could spend all day, in a little nook, reading a book.

It is so sad that as an adult, I never have time to visit the library.  Now, I have to settle for electronic readers.  I long for those days in the library.

drabble- n. a story written in exactly 100 words.


  1. Well done; You made me relive my youth. Stonebuilding, fancy oak and cherry shelves, fireplace, secret elevator to the dungeon.

    I haven't yet bought into the e-readers; I'm tempted though. I frequent the library, a new bldg in my city, which make me homesick for the library of my youth.
    Thanks for the journey back~

  2. I enjoyed this so much,very interesting and a joy to read.


  3. I love my library! I've been going every 3 weeks since I was 4 :)

  4. Very nice, Chary! I LOVE libraries... My library card is with my ID in my wallet, very intentionally. It is definitely more me than any of my bank cards.

  5. Ellie,

    Yup, I know the feeling. I love my Kindle but I love the library even more.The Kindle is convenient and easy to use but I still get that nostalgic yearning for the library. :D

  6. Yvonne,

    Thanks so much for reading.

  7. Jemi,

    That is awesome. I've been to the library only once this summer and that was to take my students to work. I hope to go just for enjoyment one day.

  8. Hart,

    I don't have my library card with me. Perhaps I should, then it would give me some incentive to go.

  9. Thoughtful, well-written post! The library might make for a great field trip that's instructive for the kids AND enjoyable for you :)

  10. Thanks Mohamed,

    I plan to take my students to the library on Monday as a community walking trip.