Monday, January 2, 2012

Movies in 2012 That I would love to see!

1.  The Hobbit-  Ever since The Lord of the Rings, I have wondered whether Peter Jackson will direct the prequel.  Well, my question has been answered because in December, I get to see all of my favorite actors in The Hobbit!  This means I will have to read the book for the third or fourth time (lost count).  :D

2.  Brave-  This is a 3D animated tale of Scottish highlanders that must recruit their first born children in overcoming some unmentionable dark evil being.  However, for one family, their first born is a girl and they are unwilling to allow her to compete in any combat.  She is the best archer and marksman in the village and she soon gets her chance to prove her worth.

3.  Snow White and The Huntsman-  This is not your typical children's fairytale. Matter of fact, this is the grown up version and unsuitable for anyone under 13.  Scarlett Johansen plays the evil, beautiful queen and Kristie Stewart plays Snow White.  The tale is dark, action packed and contains beautiful imagery.  It's a must see for me!

4.  The Avengers-  Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and the Hulk.  Need I say more!

5.  The Amazing Spiderman-  This takes a different twist on Peter Parker's history before he becomes Spiderman.  It is darker, more menacing and delves into the psyche of a young man wrought with tragedy and sadness.  I think this just may give the 2002 version a run for its money.

6.  Django Unchained- This is a Quentin Tarrantino directed movie so you know there will be plenty of action.  However, for those feint of heart, there will also be plenty of gore.  It is a story about a runaway slave with a penchant for vengeance.  There isn't a trailer yet but if it's anything like Inglorious Basterds then I'm in.

7.  The Dark Knight Rises- I put this on the list only because my husband wants to see it.  I saw the others where Christian Bale is Batman and I just don't buy it.  I also am a little put off by the thought of Heath Ledger being the best Joker ever.  No, Jack Nicholson was the best Joker and I will not change my opinion simply because Ledger overdosed and killed himself before the release of The Dark Knight.  

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.


  1. I want to see all those movies too. Can't wait for Batman and The Hobbit.

  2. I see so few movies in theaters. The Hobbit will make the list, and you may just have sold me on the Snow White one, though.

    I liked both Ledger and Nicholson as the Joker--really different interpretations, but I thought both were fitting for the movie they were in. I prefer my superheroes more like Iron Man though... erm... or possibly more like Robert Downey Jr... but REALLY what I like about Iron Man (erm... aside from RDJ) is that the PERSON behind the hero is so flawed. Much more my thing.

  3. @ Susan

    Yeah, the Hobbit is really high on my list. If I don't see any of the others, because of lack of funds, I will save up for this one!

    @ Catherine

    Yup! Definitely!

    @ Hart

    Robert Downey Jr. is pretty hot. Don't tell my hubby! :D