Friday, January 28, 2011

Glass Heart

Giving yourself over to someone is always the hardest part.
Loving someone completely requires trust.
Always be truthful as there is nothing worst than a liar.
Saying "I love you" shouldn't take years if you truly love the individual.
Say it only if you absolutely mean it.

Hearts are fragile like glass so be careful when falling in love.
Everyone deserves to be loved, there's somebody for everybody.
Anyone can find love but most often it will find you first.
Rarely is there a perfect love, it takes work, commitment and compromise.
Try not to break a fragile, glass heart.

Image courtesy of Public Domain Images.


  1. Beautiful. Hearts are fragile for sure. I hopw yours is whole.

  2. This is beautiful, and so true, thankyou.

  3. @ Jemi- Thanks. Mine is whole but only after years of experiencing the fragility of the heart from past relationships. Thanks again.

    @Sue- Thanks. This one was a little difficult to write since I wnated it to be an acrostic poem, 100 word drabble and relevant to Valentine's Day.