Friday, January 21, 2011

Children on the Beach

"Mommy, I got a bunch of sand in my butt."

"Go in the water, honey and wash out the sand."

"Mom, he keeps bothering me. He says I have a mustache and need to shave it."

"Ignore him sweetheart, he'll get tired of bothering you and leave you alone."

"Ma, there's sand in my sandwich."

"Throw it away and get another one sweetie."

"Mum, she's in my space. I told her about my personal space."

"If you all don't leave me alone to read this book, we are going straight home."

Don't you just love family day at the beach.

Image taken from Wikimedian Commons, Pierre- Auguste Renoir, Children on the Beach.


  1. Yes I do despite the interuptions or maybe even because of them. I like thinking about the beach on this snowy snowy day. hmmmm....

  2. Living by the beach this is exactly how I see life in spring/summer.
    The beach in the snow is so interesting and still contains it;s beauty,

  3. I always figured it was better they moaned at the beach than at home. When we got home, there always seemed to be mounds of chores and tedious things clamoring for attention, and no chance to even pretend I was reading.