Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Routines. This is a concept I have tried to drill into my students. Often, every morning in study hall, you will hear this conversation:

"Okay, take out your homework from yesterday so we can go over it."

The random groan will be heard from those who have not one assignment done. From those wh
o completed "something" you may hear a shuffling of papers.

"Ms. P., I didn't do my homework."

"Why didn't you do your homework?"

A number of excuses will be used, such as "I didn't have a pen," or my personal favorite, "I had my friends over and we played some games on the PS3." I am just happy none of them have used the "I wa
s with my girl/boyfriend." That would probably send me over the top.

I respond, "Do any of you go home and do homework as soon as you enter your house? No. You probably went home. Threw your bookbag on the couch, or the corner in your room or hung it up in the closet. You then did not look at your bookbag until this morning when you left
for school. Am I correct?"

This is where the students giggle, look to the side or say, "Yup."

Of course this would follow: "You guys have got to set up a routine at home that incorporates homework. When you get home, take 30 minutes to do whatever you need to do. Use the bathroom, eat a snack, bother your sister or brother. But once that half hour is done, you need to hit the books. Get homework and all studying out of the way. Then you can do whatever it is you choose to do- video games, TV, chores and anything else under the sun."

Did they listen? I can only hope. We'll see tomorrow.

I am one of those individual who needs structure and routine in all areas of my life including my writing. I found that I haven't been "walking the walk," so to speak. I've been running around and not really making "To Do Lists" or creating a routine that is easily followed. I haven't broken down my life into manageable chunks. I also haven't applied this to my writing. Yes, I have been more active with my writer's group but the activity is for review of their work, not my own. So, I am creating a schedule/ routine that will hopefully be more manageable and productive to my writing- starting with this blog. Let's see how it works.


  1. As a fellow teacher, I completely commisserate (sp??). It's hard to get the kids to follow any kind of routine some days! They do have some very creative excuses usually! :)

  2. very nice blog,Compliments and have a nice day from Tenerife!!!

  3. @Jemi- Yeah, I never get over the number of excuses my students have for even the simplest of tasks.

    @Claudia- Hello. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Some days it is hard for any of us to stick to a routine! I am struggling now, with my husband on leave(vacation; is in the Navy). Three weeks he will be home. I am finding my routine is gone the first day; trying to go with the flow! gasp...

    I hope you get back to your writing, sometimes we have to pencil things in our daily agenda. Fifteen or twenty min here and there is better than nothing!

  5. Ellie, Thanks. I hope to get back to my routine also. It's difficult when life throws little loopholes at you but fortunately, we all just keep on going on.