Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chaos, Crazy and Cockamamie

Well, of course, I did it again.  Forgot to post for Tossing It Out's A-Z Challenge.  So, I will just talk "craziness" for the next 100 or so words and call this post done.  Here we go-

My students have a habit of saying, "Real Talk, Miss."  I have no idea what real talk entails.  Therefore, I told them that tomorrow I expected Fake Talk.  *rolls eyes*

I am trying to buy a home.  I have called the housing counselor, the lawyer, the auctioneers auctioning the property, and the municipal credit union.  Of course no able body could come to the phone, so I got the automoton or voicemail.  No one has called back as of yet!  Bumbling boobs.  Oh wait, that was the topic of the day before.  *lights candle*

My children won't stop bickering.  There are times I just want to take their heads and bang them together like they do in Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Do I do this, NO!  I patiently listen to each cockamamie story and then mediate a solution that either of them could have devised themselves.  They fight worse than the two polar bears above.  *dies*

Quality Review this week is driving every single teacher in my school crazy.  Bulletin boards are being revamped.  Student work is nothing but a frenzy of grading and my desk looks like the Greek God Chaos stopped by for a visit.  *faints*

And just because:

All images from Wikimedia Commons.


  1. Great post. I can SO relate to all three words.

  2. Congratulations on getting the post in. I feel like beating my own head against the proverbial brick wall when I read about your Quality Review week - no offense meant, but I can't understand why we're going down the same path. It doesn't seem like time well spent.

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  4. this was worth the wait...and if you're doing a QR week - amazing. I just made that up but I'm sure I'm right. Why I am self-employed...
    Jan Morrison

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