Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Tree

Dear Santa,

Annually, on the day after Thanksgiving, my family and I put up the Christmas tree.  We drag out the storage bin from the recesses of my husband’s utility closet.  We lay out the tree in it’s various pieces all throughout the living room.  We untangle the lights, sort the decorations, untangle the garland, put together the tree, put everything on the tree and finally take everything down to reorganize them into some symmetrically, aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

Is it any wonder that it took a full two weeks after Thanksgiving to put up the tree and decorate?


This one is for Tara Smith, a fellow Burrower, who had a hectic time putting up her tree.  The image above is obviously not my tree since I have yet to put mine up.  

*hides from pitchforks*


  1. My mom and I usually put up our tree soon after Thanksgiving as well; maybe not the day after, but around the week after it. :)

  2. I promised a new tree for the kids this year, but you don't get Christmas trees in India till just before Christmas. So my poor tree cannot go up just yet :-(

  3. we just put ours up two days ago. funny, cuz i posted a pic of it at our blog today! the one in your pic is much prettier! loved the letter! (i'm exhausted, too.) christy

  4. I go to my daughter's for Christmas so share her tree along with my grandson who has his birthday on Christmas Eve, I don't bother with one for myself as I can't climb to decorate it,

    Loved the post.

  5. Oh, it's so true. The tree itself, hubby did this year, but all the cleaning to put out the OTHER stuff? I'm exhausted, too! (the decorating itself is fine... kids and I put stuff on as hubby tells us we are doing it wrong... this is a long tradition)

  6. @Golden Eagle- Your good. This year, I can't seem to get it together.

    @ Rayna- Oh man! That sucks. Sorry to hear that. It must be frantic when you finally do get it and put it up.

    @ Christy- Heading over to check out your photo. The one I put up was from Wikimedia Commons. I have yet to put my own tree up.

    @ Yvonne- Lucky you! I'm pretty short too and have to get my husband to put the Angel on the tree.

    @ Hart- You are lucky too to have hubby put it up. Well, one thing we have in common is that we both have micro-managers for husbands.

  7. What a beautiful tree! I'm getting mine this weekend and I can't wait.

  8. @ Talli- Sorry but it isn't mine. I wish it were but I haven't put mine up yet. I wish I could have a real tree but hubby is allergic to the sap.

    Good luck with yours!