Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Moonlight Shadows

I love the shadows your body casts in the soft moonlight. You remind me of an obsidian version of Michaelangelo's David. Your form is so perfect. My fingers caress every mound, every surface and every inch of your delectable shape. I am tempted to wake you and satiate the hunger that grows in my core. I reach out my hand and it hovers over your sex. Should I indulge? I then begin to wonder; when we wake up and all the shadows have gone and the moonlight is replaced by sunlight, will I still look at you this way?

Image courtesy of Castle Galleries- Moonlight Shadows - Rob Ford


  1. I love this one, Chary! You hit the sensual tone perfectly.

  2. Thanks Hart. I wrote this about my husband when we were dating back in the dark ages. :D