Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Death and Stunted Writing

Lately, I have felt like my writing has been a long lost friend. Except for the occassional drabbles, I had stopped writing approximately two years ago. The death of my brother was an obstacle that I just couldn't seem to get hurdle over. I am not sure if the cause of writer's block was a combination of guilt or merely that I did not have time to grieve and heal. Family, teaching and school had consumed all my time and energy. The loss of my brother was put on the backburner until there was time to go through the process of grief.

However, lately I feel a renewed sense of urgency to write. I was on the bus this morning thinking of all my old friends from high school, college and those I have acquired throughout my many jobs. My writing fell right into that category. Right around 23rd Street and 5th Avenue, I began to reminisce how often I would write and how I truly missed it. Writing has become my new best friend. So no more procrastination and contemplation. . .

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